Woven Labels

Woven labels come in many sizes, shapes or colors. These kinds of labels are essential for many reasons. They can be used as; Brand Label, Size Label, Care Label, Flag Label, Manufacturer code, Line mark Label or special labels.
Customers know that it takes more time and money to create woven label than printed one. But this shows your good attitude to your brand and customers. Woven labels can catch attention of the customer much easier than the printed ones. This also shows that your products are high quality and you are not cutting the corner for such things.
You can send design of your desire and we will produce the design you want. You can also choose any design among our works.

MOQ is 40 EUR. After we agree on the design, your products will be produced in 4-5 days according to your orderAlready have a tag but need to make changes? Do you want to improve the design of your labels? Look no further! Our designers are eager to help you with this.

Since 2006, we have been serving the textile industry in Istanbul, Turkey. You can find our prices on our website. We ensure your consignment gets to the required destination in a timely manner and deliver your products to your door via DHL. Production time of products would take around 3-5 where freight would be 1-3 days. You can track your shipment with the code we share with you.

We provide high quality woven labels, hang tags, leather labels, cardboards, plastic labels, printed labels, microfiber labels and range of products regarding textile industry.  Due to our customers’ demands, we are also providing accessories about textile such as kinds of hooked needles, rope, rubber bands etc.

We are producers who have 15 years of experience. Our working principle is “The Best in Quality”. As a direct producer in Istanbul, Turkey who produces all kinds of clothing labels, we can offer you superior quality and competitive prices. We can decrease your label expenditure %30-%50. First the colors are chosen for the weaved labels you ordered. After the designing of the label we start the production process. Muller branded machines are so successful with their high productivity and quality weaving. They produce high-quality labels.

Woven labels, hang tags, ribbon labels, printed labels, washing instruction labels, pvc labels, satin silk screen, satin foil printed, satin sublimation, grosgrain silk screen, grogren foil printed, cotton silk screen, textile accessories.

Label design and all accompanying accessories become an unrivaled instrument to add value to the brand. We are clearly aware that our customers seek design, innovation and commitment from us. We love working as a team and want you to see yourself as a part of the team. We are constantly renewing our yarn stocks in order to provide the demands of our customers in the fastest way with the highest quality. We supply our rope from the highest quality authorized and certified rope manufacturers.Our expert employees constantly monitors the labels while weaving and cutting on cutting machines.

In addition to brand promotion, woven labels, which are seen as a part of the product, can be seen as an accessory. Woven labels reflect product quality as well as brand promotion. It is possible to understand the quality of a company by looking at the quality of a label. A woven label is more permanent than other labels and can stay on the product longer as long as it is not torn off. Label types such as jacquard, plain, weft satin can be produced through weaving machines. In this way, it is ensured that the company that owns the label is advertised continuously.

When applied to clothes, the woven labels we produce are subjected to some processes so that they do not shrink. We work with thermal or ultrasound cutting system according to the quality or usage of the labels produced. The ultrasonic cutting system allows us to obtain a soft surface on our labels. Different cut designs that we can make are straight cut, miter fold, end fold, center fold, loop fold, die cut. If requested, we can also make self-adhesive and heat-adhesive, or offer it in rolls. In addition, we can make laser cutting according to the wishes of our customers.

Access Label

Most of the products that we produce are made for textile industry. We can meet all your needs such as woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels, PVC labels, metal labels, rubber labels, ribbons and accessories that are used in textile sector. So you can supply all your need from one supplier regarding textile industry. Please never hesitate to ask for quotation and information. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you in the shortest time period possible.