Access Label commenced its operation by sales of woven labels in 2006. With the experience gained from the field, we are now supplying all kinds of labels demanded by clothing industry.

Our machine park consist of 5 Jakob Müller Air-jet Label Weaving Machines. They have capacity of;

Reed Width: 1380 mm

Working Width: 1200 mm

Welf Accumulator : with 8 colors

Edge Typing: CANTRINA with 40 winded bobbins for individual tension

Day by day we are making necessary investments in machinery park with the principle of always getting better.

Our machines are regularly maintained. In order to provide faster service to our customers, we are planning to add 2 new machines to our machine park at the end of this year. We provide regular training to our employees. Our personnel are constantly trained and followed up by authorized companies on occupational health and safety. It provides faster production by ensuring minimum wear out of warp and weft threads. Our machines provide the highest efficiency with their small footprint. Our machines are easily programmable and can be prepared for the new product in a short time. Since the warp and weft threads can be processed without fraying during production, we provide maximum efficiency, as it allows us to work at high speeds. A very important quality criterion of the label is the edge cut. Sharp-edged labels caused by heat while cutting may disturb the user. End-user customers can cut and remove such labels. Thanks to the constant heat of our machines, unchanging cutting quality is ensured. For high quality label edge cutting, label woven pre-cut and wrapped labels are cut in desired widths by ultrasonic method. Edge quality can be inspected during cutting on machines. It is intervened to make the edge cut noticeably softer.

Access Label

Most of the products that we produce are made for textile industry. We can meet all your needs such as woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels, PVC labels, metal labels, rubber labels, ribbons and accessories that are used in textile sector. So you can supply all your need from one supplier regarding textile industry. Please never hesitate to ask for quotation and information. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you in the shortest time period possible.