About Us

Access Label

About Us

As Access Label, we are serving textile industry since 2006 in Turkey. We provide high quality woven labels, hang tags, leather labels, cardboards, plastic labels, printed labels, microfiber labels and range of products regarding textile industry.  Due to our customers’ demands, we are also providing accessories about textile such as kinds of hooked needles, rope, rubber bands etc.

We have adopted the principle of customer satisfaction and become one of the most trusted institutions of this sector. Our aim is to reach the customer with brand value and get new information and have new experiences. As we are manufacturers working with us would be profitable for both sides.

We are open to work with all customers around the World, but our customers are mostly located in USA and Europe.

We have a design department that offers creative and original ideas based on the needs of our customers, their products and their market. Labels have all the necessary features to strengthen a brand’s image, face and easily distinguish it from its competitors. We know that the label plays an instrumental role in communicating the product identity. Labels are an excellent opportunity to increase the value of a brand and an important element of differentiation. Our close relationship with our customers allows us to design tailor-made products and tailor our services to specific needs. Our sales team advises our customers on the most suitable solutions and needs for all types of products. For the launch of new products and their marketing, our sales representatives are in constant communication with our customers to advise on the best solutions. Our products have all the quality certificates demanded by our customers.

High Quality

Our Vision

Being a reference model and leader in the target markets in Turkey and the World by keeping customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level with quality, customer service and sense of continuous improvement.

In line with the wishes of our customers, we establish a sincere communication in order to deliver them to our customers in a fast and high quality manner at the promised time, and to offer various alternatives for the same needs with our customers. Suppliers demand different and innovative products. All our labeling, packaging and branding offerings are customized; It is designed and produced with the aim of making the product they bring with them more attractive and increasing their purchasing preferences. Access Label allows us to offer our customers the most complete and custom quality labeling range with endless alternatives for every type of product. While most of our clients are well-known companies in the apparel, textile, fashion design and retail channel world, we are currently working with a large number of companies from different industries such as food, leather goods and footwear, furniture.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Mission

To establish long-term business partnership relations with our customers, which we see as the main reason of our company’s existence and activities and to create the best value for them by providing the best quality and price solutions.

Access Label

Most of the products that we produce are made for textile industry. We can meet all your needs such as woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels, PVC labels, metal labels, rubber labels, ribbons and accessories that are used in textile sector. So you can supply all your need from one supplier regarding textile industry. Please never hesitate to ask for quotation and information. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you in the shortest time period possible.