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We provide all kinds of custom-made labels serving the clothing industry.
Access Label provides High-Quality labels and textile accessories cheaper
Woven Label
We provide all kinds of custom-made labels serving the clothing industry.
We supply, woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels, PVC labels, rubber labels, metal labels and ribbon for our customers. ABOUT US


We provide all kinds of custom-made labels serving the clothing industry.
We provide all kinds of custom-made labels serving the clothing industry.
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Accesslabel work in customer oriented way to meet the needs of industry today.
Any desing possible can be applied to any kind of labels by our experienced staff. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES
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Accesslabel works with the most trusted suppliers for raw materials.
We get back to our customers demand in the shortest period of time with high quality labels. PRODUCTION

Production takes around 2-3 days after we agree on the design. Your products will be delivered to your door via DHL. Freight would take around 1-3 days depending on your location. You can track your cargo with the tracking code we send after delivering products to DHL.

The Most Trusted Supplier for Clothing Industry

Access Label has commenced its operations in 2006 with the sales of woven labels. With the experience and know-how obtained, today, we are serving clothing industry for all its needs.
Today we provide all kinds of labels such as woven labels, leather labels, hang tags, printed labels, PVC labels, ribbon, metal labels, rubber labels and meet all demands of clothing industry. To ask for further information about our products you can simply click here to get in touch with our specialist.


Are you in search for tags or labels? Let our professional staff do the most useful work with the most efficient way. Do not waste your time on striving to get your needs anymore. Get all you need in a short time period with us.

High Quality

We are working with the highest quality suppliers for raw materials in order to meet our customers demands. Our experienced staff brings out the best works according to our customers wishes.

Fast Delivery

Get you labels with the most trusted and fastest shippers of the world. Our professional staff will get your products ready to be sent in the shortest time possible. You will no longer have to wait for your products to arrive at your facility for long pre-shipment process.

Competitive Pricing With High Quality

All labels are specially produced for you at the most competitive prices. We value our small business customers who are just starting out. We can meet your budget and produce high quality labels to meet your needs.

Customer Friendly Services

Access Label clothing label specialists will get back to you as soon as possible at a special price. You can also order just for simple text woven labels. We send your custom-made labels according to your shipping instructions.


We are constantly searching for the latest and most technological systems in our applications with innovation-oriented, continuously innovative systems.

We serve textile and ready made clothing sector and provide wholesale accesories service as well. Access Label has been established to use high-tech with the capacity to serve all materials needed with a team who is experienced in this sector.


Provides comprehensive information on what the textile needs are for your products; Care labels and Feature / Brand labels are available in printed and woven form at many price points. Heat Transfers, Woven Labels and Printed Labels are offered in rolls or single, applied manually to automated equipment.

If you already have a design for your woven label, choose the options you need below, then add your contact details for a quick quote. We offer competitive prices, quality and fast delivery

If you do not have a work of art and would like to receive information, please contact us via our contact form.

Accurate merchandising with graphic branded labels and tags not only absorbs the consumer but also ensures continuity in the perceived image of a product. Making the process easier for the consumer lies in the ability to find information quickly, which is exactly what a hang tag or barcode label does. Track sales, buyer trends and when to change inventory as needed, using existing data by scanning the barcode label or label.

Experts will offer insights on a unique approach to your brand or data-carrying piece. Access Label Offers a Quick Print solution for fast turnaround on orders of any size.

labels are not just accessories: the spirit of the brand is its absolute, tangible and tangible synthesis. They are the elements that enable the consumer to associate the product with the manufacturer, its perfect reputation and the universe of values.

Details made with elegant, stylish materials and processed using innovative techniques to achieve amazing results that appeal to the eye and feel great.

Unique miniature works of art, tailor-made, with the guarantee of the highest quality level.

Woven labels use the highest quality polyester and cotton threads. Quality raw materials and finishing processes guarantee the consistency of colors and shapes during washing.

Labels are made with a variety of techniques that differ in quality, weave density and packaging style. It is possible to use different weaving widths

Already have a tag but need to make changes?

Do you want to improve the design of your labels?

Look no further! Our designers are eager to help you with this.

The textile label is not only an informative ingredient, but also an indicator of the brand’s level and product quality. By taking a look at the label, you can immediately draw a conclusion about the manufacturer’s prestige and reliability. In fact, a jacquard label is the manufacturer’s business card that gives a first impression of a product.

Every clothing company takes care of their label to look stylish, modern and to maintain the company’s prestige. Therefore, a careful approach in choosing labels for clothing is key to the success of the entire company.

Are you looking for high quality personalized labels for your products or to identify your garments?

In large quantities for companies in the textile industry or in small quantities for small designers or enthusiasts, we produce textiles labels and labels of all kinds, personalized for you.

Whether used as a beautiful brand logo outside of textiles or as a logo with care instructions inside a garment, heat transfers have changed branding and labeling. Heat transfers are easy on the skin, eliminates irritation on the neckline and provides stylish and clean images that will last. All clothing labels and tags can be used in other soft goods industries; hospitality linens, houseware, automotive, outdoor products and many additional markets.

Labels left on a product should be a reference point for future purchases. If the name stays on the product, consumers can quickly search online where your brand is selling. It is important to implement a label program that looks best for your product.

Satin ribbons have a soft texture, can be washed at 60 ° and are very comfortable to wear. Such tags never need to be cut before wearing. It is printed in double length and both cut ends are sewn to the seam. We offer white or beige with black print – ivory and black with white print. Nylon tapes are slightly tighter in texture, can also be washed at 60 ° and the raw end does not fray, so only one end can be sewn in the seam. It is comfortable to wear and is particularly suitable for bags and accessories. They come in white color with black printing.

Accesslabel labels are produced with quality materials to meet the needs of our customers.

We believe in taking the time to understand the purpose and lifetime of a label or label

Access Label believes that true service is more than just offering quality products at competitive prices. We believe it means being ready to do whatever it takes to keep your project running smoothly and delivery on time.

As an Istanbul based private label manufacturer for the apparel industry, we offer a complete package of the highest quality labeling products and can also give you access to our in-house design and printing service.

Manufacturer and distributor of labels and related products to the retail, mail order and manufacturing industries for over 14 years. We are a highly experienced label Manufacturer that offers a complete, one-stop solution for any requirement.

We will send you a detailed quote with price breakdowns, options and shipping information. If you have a delivery date, let us know so we can deliver on time and quote accordingly. Send us your design, size and quantity. If you don’t have a design, send us your drawings, sketches or ideas and our expert artists will do it for you.

As soon as your labels are finished, they will be sent to you after quality control and packaging. You can track your order online with the tracking number we send you.

We strive for excellence in all areas of our activity; Delivery, Service, Quality and of course Value. We know that high standards of our customers must be met, so we continue to lead our industry in all these areas, not one. Being a direct manufacturer of our products makes it easier for us to reach our goal of making the lives and work of our customers much easier.

Fabric tags are very durable for outdoor use or high friction environments. They can be sewn or glued on clothes.

The fabric label accurately reflects the detail of the image and has a high degree of graphic element accuracy. High resolution makes even very small text on the logo readable. Unlike embroidery, the boldest amount of jacquard products can be made in a very short time and most importantly, they are cheaper.

We produce high quality Printed Ribbon, Custom Printed Ribbon Products. We can provide you with Printed Ribbon and other product solutions with competitive prices and fast global shipping. Printed Ribbon includes Custom Printed Ribbon, Printed Grosgrain Ribbon, Printed Cotton Ribbon and Screen Printed Ribbon.

Hang tags are an easy solution to add pricing, instructions, or your brand story with a professional design. Although most often used for garment or clothing tags, they will expertly brand all types of products by labeling jars, bottles, food and more. Even if your tags are intended as informational, they promote your brand as well.

Eye-catching custom tags in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Custom hang tags are an easy and affordable way to add your own unique branding (and style) to almost any product. With all sorts of options, you can create just the right product tag for apparel, collectibles, food, gift boxes and more.

The cardstock you choose will determine the overall feel of your tag design. We offer two durable materials that can align to your brand’s luxurious or reliable image. We can add a hole to your custom clothing labels or hang tags if you plan to tie on your own strings.

Custom Hang tags is a simple yet effective way to round out packaging and branding for any product. Whether you’re selling clothes, gourmet food, or accessories, custom hang tags can complete the entire look of your product.

Their function can go beyond being a price tag, used to show customers a product’s care instructions or to delve deeper into your company’s story.

As hang tags are a reflection of your brand, choose a Triplex style to exude quality and luxury. These are extra thick and rigid, and will sure make a notable impact with your customers. Available in standard or custom shape, and with add-ons such as our metal grommets!

Discover our impressive collection of  custom printed Hang Tags – created to make your brand stand out. We know that ideal tags are both eye-catching and functional. We strive to offer the highest quality printing on the most unique paper stocks, in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit every product both large and small. Choose your desired hole drill size depending on your needs.

Both woven and embroidered patches are excellent ways to decorate, enhance, highlight or embellish the look of your apparel and products. They both use threads to articulate and express your design concepts.

Woven Labels are machine washable at any temperature, retains the shape after multiple washings/tumble dry and soft against the skin. This product is not restricted with quantity and fantastic solution for independent designers who have just established their own brands.

These are 100% woven labels that are soft and completely washable. Using a separate thread for each color used, these woven clothing tags offer high quality and durability. Can be steam ironed or pressed without any damage.

Because of their colour, texture, and sheer variety, ribbons are an infinitely useful textile addition which in the modern day are manufactured from fabrics such as satin, velvet, rayon and nylon. Here, you will find an unmatched range of ribbons from these materials and others and all in a range of widths and colours.

​Our products represent the highest quality with exceptional detail designed to enforce brand recognition. Contact our sales team for the most competitive quotes and product advice. Woven labels are a simple yet effective way to add value and represent your brand. We understand that it’s all in the details and will customise your woven labels to fit your precise requirements.

These Hang Tags are availed in various designs and colors, which are attachment to products to provide information about the composition and proper care and use of the product. We also manufacture customized hang tags as per the clients’ specifications.

Soft PVC Labels can be made to your specifications based on our ability to accurately translate your design, logo or idea into the medium of PVC modeling for translation to our computer controlled CNC Mold Cutting machines.

A must have sewn labels on your apparel that will help your brand gain recognition. These tags make a wonderful personalised ribbons for your kids clothing and crafts.


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We want to help you choose the most accurate label for your brand. AccessLabel labels add value to your brand with works of expert graphic designers. AccessLabel ensures to provide labels that meet all expectations. Instead of paying high commissions to the traders, you can get the most competitive prices by working directly with the producers. We determine the most suitable label according to your budget and company objectives.


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Most of the products that we produce are made for textile industry. We can meet all your needs such as woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, leather labels, PVC labels, metal labels, rubber labels, ribbons and accessories that are used in textile sector. So you can supply all your need from one supplier regarding textile industry. Please never hesitate to ask for quotation and information. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you in the shortest time period possible.