28 Ağustos 2020

Leather Labels


To create your custom made, special for you labels, we use lasers or we engrave on the skin. You can either choose 100% genuine leather or PVC leather. Leather labels of our production can be customized by your wishes. We can work and text or symbol for you on the label. We offer leather labels in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.
You can give authentic feel to your products by using leather labels. They will give your brand and product nice impression. Leather labels will lend a very professional look to your products. They can be used for garments, accessories, home goods, bags, hats, knitters or crochets as well as clothes. Leather labels show your good attitude to your brand and customers.
You can choose the size of your label among our various sizes such as
2.4”x0.6” (60x15mm), 2.4”x0.8” (60 x 20 mm), 2.4”x 1.2” (60 x 30 mm) . Material to be used for your label would be chosen by your side. While adding texts of your wish, you can also add any design frame to your label. After all there will be holes on the label to attach to the product. Your symbol will also be available on the label with all other components. You can design your own label. If you don’t want to make a new design, you can also choose any design from our various works. Another advantage of leather labels is that you can wash them and nothing would be coming off over time, where ink on printed labels would come out by time. As we are manufacturers, working with us would be profitable for you.
If you wish your product to look luxurious, leather label is the best choice for you. Your brand will be detectable on the most fashionable products. Welcome to Access Label. Since 2006

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