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Printed labels are labels that are printed on a fabric or ribbon by ink. Printed labels can be used for mentioning Brand Label, Size Label, Care Label, Flag Label, Manufacturer code, Line mark Label or special labels. Printed labels are made by using satin tape or ribbon tape, liquid ink, reducer mix, color smoothing agent and drying agent. Label printing machines, curing machines and label ultrasonic cutting machines are used for manufacturing printed labels. Label printing machines can be classified as flexographic printing machines (6 color printing machine / 3 color printing machine) and rotary printing machines (6 color printing machine / 3 color printing machine).

Printed labels are mostly made of satin, cotton or poly blend fabric. After manufacturing of the tags, your logo, instructions, or whatever you want to be on the label is digitally printed. Printed labels are so soft labels but as ink is used for printing on them, after many washes or usage, printed content might come off over time.

Manufacturing process of label can be briefly explained as;

The client will share the design of label with us. The design should consist of brand imaging, colors, size, logos and all texts to be used on the label. Once we receive all these information, we will send our proposal to the client. After the client approves, we are ready to go to the manufacturing process. Before starting mass production, first sample is produced by us. After approval of the client, we go on with mass production. When mass production is done, we go to the final part which involves cutting, folding and boxing. After all these, finished product is carefully checked for quality one more time before counting. At the end of all this process, we are ready to dispatch our labels across the world. Welcome Access Label

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